Rench Chemie GmbH
Chemische Sicherheit seit 45 Jahren DE-77867 Renchen • Postbox 1 • Germany
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Rench-Chemie GmbH was established in 1974.

We are a specialized company dedicated to environmental protection, water protection, and safety at work. 
At the time of its formation, laws and regulations on environmental protection in the Federal Republic of Germany were still in the planning stage. 

To production companies and fire brigades Rench-Chemie GmbH make available many products suitable for industrial environmental protection. Moreover, our chemical business carries a large stock of products intended for safety at work as well as packaging filling material allowing the safe dispatch of hazardous substances. 

The production of oil absorbents for use on soil and water started as early as 1975. In particular formulations developed for the industrial purification of sewage water aiming at environmental protection have been a great success. 

Rench-Chemie GmbH have been offering chemical absorbents since 1980, the reliability of these binding agents having been proven thousands of times in the fighting of hazardous substance accidents.

Rench-Chemie GmbH is a pioneer in the development of strewable chemical absorbents, oil absorbents, oil binding agents, and thus a pioneer in environmental protection. To this end, the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) in Berlin designed, at our own request, the test procedure for chemical absorbents.